Eyes Ears Mouth Nose: Exciting Stories for the Family (reprise)


Eyes Ears Mouth Nose: Exciting Stories for the Family

What if you could see far, far away? What do you do if you forget what you heard? What happens if your mouth gets you into trouble? Come and put your nose into the affairs of the characters in our stories for families and find out how each of them manages, or doesn’t!

This performance is suitable for families with children aged 6 and up.



Tellers: Nancy Leppard, Mabel Lee, Helen Tan, Karen Lee, Juriah Atan, Tan Joo Hymn

Date: Saturday 29 November 2014

The Journey by StoryLab


STORYLAB presents:

The Journey

Life is a stroll through joy and pain,

A gentle drift past high and low tide;

But we find our soul, the day we see,

A magical journey in every stride.

A journey can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Let Tan Joo Hymn, Kala Sundaram, Shirley Tham, Juriah Atan and Nandini Nagpal take you through stories which will excite, amuse and move you! Sit back, have fun and enjoy the journey!


Bookings: https://thejourneybystorylab.eventbrite.sg

DateSaturday 22 November 2014

Time8.00 pm to 9.15 pm

Events Calendar for 2015

As of 3 October 2014, the updated events calendar for 2015 is as follows:

  • Tuesday 13 January 2015, evening: StoryPlay Workshop (facilitated by Rosemarie Somaiah & Juriah Atan) for all SAS members
  • Saturday 28 February 2015, evening: Annual General Meeting & 1st Social for 2015
  • Tuesday 31 March 2015, evening: StoryPlay Workshop (facilitated by Tan Joo Hymn) for all SAS members
  • Friday 10 & Saturday 11 April 2015: A storytelling performance by SAS members for adult audiences
  • Friday 22 May 2015, evening: 2nd Social for 2015
  • Tuesday 21 July 2015, evening: Story Play Workshop for all SAS members

Upcoming Social


3rd Social for 2014

ThemeStories–Mine, Yours, His, Hers and Theirs

Date: Friday 14 November 2014

- 7.00 to 7.45pm: Socialising and Refreshments (light refreshments will be served)
- 8.00 to 9.45pm : Story Swapping Session (please limit stories to less than 10 minutes)

Venue: Music Studio 2, #03-04 Aliwal Arts Centre, 28 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199918

Please email karenerleelm@gmail.com if you would like to attend the Social, and indicate if you will be telling a story. All stories to be limited to a maximum of 10 minutes. If you are planning to bring a dish, please indicate in your e-mail too. Participants of the StoryPlay workshops and AMs are invited to share your stories during the social.

Updated Events Calendar for 2014

As of 3 October 2014, the updated events calendar for 2014 is as follows:

  • Thursday 16 October 2014, evening: StoryPlay Workshop (conducted by David Bok) for all SAS members
  • Friday 14 November 2014, 7 to 9.30 pm: 3rd Social for all SAS members

Upcoming StoryPlay Workshop



Facilitated by: David Bok

Date: Thursday 16 October 2014

Time: 7 to 9.45 pm

Venue: Music Studio 2, #03-04 Aliwal Arts Centre, 28 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199918

It’s difficult to tell a story from your life because it can make you very vulnerable. But look at it this way ? each of us has a wealth of personal experiences  that are good, bad and ugly. These have the potential to become fascinating stories that can inspire, instruct and entertain. How we mine and use these stories is the subject of this workshop. (Members who prepared a personal story during Verena Tay’s ‘My Life: Shaped & Retold’ workshop in May 2014 will get an opportunity to tell their story.)

An Introduction to Storytelling Workshop 2014

A workshop conducted by Sheila Wee of Storywise

If you are interested in storytelling, but don’t know where to start, this workshop; facilitated by Sheila Wee, is for you.  It will  give  you  a firm grounding in storytelling skills and you  will  leave with one ready to tell story and the tools to learn and tell more stories.

In a warm and supportive group environment you will learn why storytelling is such a powerful form of communication; how stories can be structured  to  hook listeners attention and discover your own personal storytelling  style. Through  group, partner and individual exercises,  you will be guided  through  a  step-by-step method  of learning to tell a story without memorising the words. You will also discover how to add details to make the story uniquely yours, and learn story rehearsal and performance techniques.