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A World Storytelling Day Special Via YouTube Live



















The Storytelling Association (Singapore) President, Sheila Wee, will be taking part in this online storytelling event to celebrate World Storytelling Day. It will take place  on Monday 20 March at 6.30pm Singapore time. The  event,  which is organised by the Bangalore Storytelling Society, will feature  stories and discussion from  Sheial Wee (Singapore), Jan Blake (UK),  Dr Eric Miller (India), Sowmya Rajan Srinivasan (India), Wangari Grace (Kenya) and John Mukeni Namai (Kenya). It will be hosted by Deeptha Vivekanand and Aparna Athreya.

StoryLab Presents Stories of Transformation

In conjunction with World Storytelling Day

We may not have the power to turn all frogs into princes (or princesses!), but the choices we make in life have the power to transform and define who we are. When it happens, will we like what we become? Will our personal transformations change our lives and our world for better, or for worse?



Louisa GH Ong

Ignatius Ng

Nandini Nagpal

Kala Sundaram

Dawn Lau

Juriah Atan

Enquiries: Nandini Nagpal at, +65 9067 1530

Other Events

The Indigo Jackal

Come snooping, sniffing and slinking into the wily Jackal’s world! Listen to the story of the cunning trickster and his most famous adventure. A sly tale from The Panchatantra retold by storyteller Kamini Ramachandran with visual puppets and lots of audience participation.

Followed by a simple craft activity to make your own Jackal character and bring him back home.

Recommended for family audiences 4 – 7 years old.
All children must be accompanied by an adult throughout the session.

In conjunction with World Storytelling Day, the House Party and Moonshadow Stories present Asian tales surrounding the theme of ‘transformations’.

Shapeshifter Stories

Who do you really see? Some of us hide our true skins when the light appears. Some of us have sold our souls for love and beauty. Some of us are being watched by those from another realm.

Asian folklore is rife with tales of transformation. Of mortals, animals and spirits that morph and mutate to pursue their desires and dreams. Look closer, look deeper, and perhaps you see the glimmer of claws or a single black paw. Tread where you should never, and find yourself trapped in a parallel sphere.

Telling Stories to Teenagers

A Workshop by Nandini Nagpal


Storytelling is a non-threatening way for teenagers to learn life-skills and values, engaging both their hearts and minds. Professional storyteller and mindfulness practitioner, trainer and coach, Nandini Nagpal will conduct this experiential and interactive workshop designed especially for teachers, storytellers and parents of pre-teens and teenagers. The stories used in this workshop will be on the themes of facing fear, kindness, empathy, being open minded, self-acceptance etc.

Key takeaways from the workshop include:
1. Simple storytelling strategies for teenagers
2. Using stories in the teenage classroom
3. Education about values
4. How to adapt children’s stories for teenagers

The Storywise Introduction to Storytelling Workshop – 25 & 26 March 2017


If you are interested in storytelling, but don’t know where to start; this workshop, facilitated by storytelling pioneer Sheila Wee, is for you. It will give you a firm grounding in storytelling skills and you will leave with one ready to tell story and the tools to learn and tell more stories. In a warm and supportive group environment, you will learn why storytelling is such a powerful form of communication; how stories can be structured to hook your listener’s attention and discover your own personal storytelling style. Through group, partner and individual exercises, you will be guided through a step-by-step method of learning to tell a story without memorizing the words. You will also discover how to add details to make the story uniquely yours, and learn story rehearsal and performance techniques.