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SAS has been communicating with the National Library Board (NLB) regarding the festival since the beginning of the year.


The 398.2 Storytelling Festival is a free, family targeted storytelling festival featuring the storytellers of Singapore, both professional and skilled amateur, which is held every November/December. The name 398.2 alludes to the Dewey classification number for folktale books.


This event is a collaboration with the National Library Board and we aim to make sure the event is diverse and accessible. We will feature both online storytelling as well as face-to-face storytelling. This is a great opportunity for our Association to promote the oral storytelling, the ancient artform of telling stories (not reading aloud stories).


From past experience, the 398.2 Storytelling Festival has been a good opportunity for storytellers, regardless of their level of experience, to hone their skills together.  Our partner, NLB, and our audience are pleased with the engaging and interesting programme put forth every year.


We welcome all our SAS members to participate in this community outreach either as storytellers or as the supporting backbone with the administrative team.


For those of us who would want to tell stories, click on the link to read the Storyteller Commitments and Expectations to help you understand better.



There will be a different theme for each session. Please choose 5 or 6 sessions on the dates that you are available and we will do our best to put together programmes of stories that go well with each other.


After you have submitted your stories on the online form, our working committee will endeavour to ensure that every member gets an allocation.  Our aim is to create an engaging and interesting programme for the audience.  Therefore, we appreciate your understanding and support while we choose stories and slots to match.


Please express your interest, availability and preferences by 23rd July 2022.


We recommend that you read the form on the computer than the handphone. This form has a save and continue feature. After you have filled one or two pages, you may save and come back to the form another time. You will be asked to create a jotform account. The moment you save your form, you will receive the link to the unfinished form in your email.




We are also looking for volunteers to help with the planning and administrative duties during the festival. If you don’t want to tell stories but want to carry out community service, we welcome family, friends and non-members to make this festival a success. Please provide your name and preferred duties in the link if you would like to volunteer.


If you have questions and concerns or are new to this and don’t know how to start, please feel free to contact me.


We thank you for volunteering to tell in in the Festival and are confident that the experience will be a fruitful and enriching one.

Glimpses of last year’s Festival


The 398.2 Storytelling festival 2021 was a smashing success!


We are proud that a whopping 4562 children participated and enjoyed the 18 childrens’ session spread across September to November. Total participants for adult sessions – 300 + – again, an exceptional response!


We are thankful to all our SAS storytellers who shared their stories with all their hearts braving the challenges of this new digital medium. This is the first year we have experimented with a hybrid (digital + live) model and it has been an enriching learning experience.


A special shout out to our admin team and our partners the National Library board without whom this could not have succeeded.

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The 398.2 Storytelling Festival Singapore returns this November, with programmes for both adults and children featuring folktales from all around the world. For more information: Trending finds out more about the festival highlights. Trending with Daniel Martin Weekdays 2pm on #CNA938

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“The fact of storytelling hints at a fundamental human unease, hints at human imperfection. Where there is perfection there is no story to tell.”


Ben Okri, Nigerian storyteller -