Nandini Nagpal 1

Nandini is a passionate storyteller who tells stories for children, teenagers, and adults. She frequently delivers storytelling performances in schools across Singapore, tells stories as part of class curricula, does ticketed performances for adults, and uses storytelling extensively in her mindfulness workshops. Nandini has also been a judge for storytelling competitions, creative writing competitions, and oratorical competitions for children.

Nandini specialises in value-based storytelling and has used it to bring transformation in the lives of many children, teenagers and adults over her career. She believes that a good story, especially when told well, is remembered for years on end.

Nandini currently serves as the Secretary and Executive Committee member of the Storytelling Association (Singapore). In addition, she teaches mindfulness to children and teenagers through her program, Just-B ( She is also a certified and practicing psychometric assessment coach for executives. Nandini has recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology.

Nandini can offer:

  1. Storytelling performances for children, teenagers, and adults.
  2. Theme-based customised performances and classroom telling for educational institutions.
  3. Workshops to teach storytelling skills and techniques to children, parents, and teachers.
  4. Workshops to teach mindfulness techniques for better storytelling (for teachers, parents, and storytellers)

Nandini can be contacted via:


HP: +65 90671530.