Tan Joo Hymn-BookATeller

Tan Joo Hymn had been a volunteer storyteller at the library in her daughter’s school for a number of years. Having performed to large groups of 200-400 students of primary and secondary school age, Joo Hymn is able to project herself in large spaces and draw students into the stories. She has also facilitated lively question and answer sessions post performance.

A past president of AWARE, Joo Hymn is on the current Board, and has been an active volunteer for the last 15 years. She has given school talks to students at various institutions, and frequently included stories as part of the talks. By combining both her knowledge of social issues and her skills in performance storytelling, she illustrates abstract issues in a way that encourages students to think and explore.

Apart from AWARE, Joo Hymn has also volunteered at various civil society groups such as Breastfeeding Mothers? Support Group, SAFE, and Raleigh Society (Singapore). She is a trained Helpline volunteer counselor at both AWARE and BMSG, and was a youth facilitator on several service-learning expeditions with Raleigh Society (Singapore).

In addition to telling folktales and short stories, Joo Hymn also crafts her own original and personal stories based on her experience teaching her own children and observing the other children in school. She has created and told stories to address problematic habits, and to teach curriculum topics and exam technique.


Email Joo Hymn at joohymnstoryteller@gmail.com