Swee Yean, a storyteller and trainer with Asian Storytelling Network, is a qualified English as well as Speech & Drama teacher.  Her students range from those with low self-esteem and poor learning abilities to gifted and motivated high achievers. She is committed to drawing out the best in them through cooperative learning and multiple-intelligences strategies. She is comfortable with pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and adults of all ages. She also works for organizations such as the Ministry of Education, National Library Board and People’s Association.

Swee Yean has performed in schools, public libraries, shopping malls, community centres, museums and at festivals like NUS Arts Fringe Festival.

She enjoys telling stories to inspire and to heal and creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere with her audience. Through songs and audience interaction, her stories will teach in non-didactic ways stirring up the moral imagination and creating gentle positive change.


Swee Yean can offer:

  • Performances and workshops for Singapore primary and secondary schools, kindergarten, nursery and pre-schools
  • Storytelling skills training for youth and adults
  • Storytelling techniques for parents, librarians and volunteer readers
  • Storytelling programmes for families and community organizations
  • Customized performances based on specific themes e.g. racial harmony, character building etc.
  • Workshops on oral communication skills and drama techniques

To contact Swee Yean:

HP: +65 9852 8440


Email: erudite.sweeyean@gmail.com