Various Articles by SAS Professional Members


Conscious Communication: How to Speak Well in Public

By Verena Tay, Challenge, 1 Sep 2014


World Storytelling Day

By Verena Tay,  Asian Books Blog, 19 March 2014


Language Learning And More, Through Storytelling

Article by Kamini Ramachandran, Singapore’s Child Magazine, July 2013


Learn New Words By Listening to Stories

Interview with Kamini Ramachandran, MyPaper Special, 6 August 2013


Bond With Kids Over A Good Tale

By Kamini Ramachandran, MyPaper Parenting, 31 December 2012


Storytelling to Grandchildren

By Kamini Ramachandran, Ageless Online, 23 April 2012


Find the Storyteller Within You for Effective Communication

By Kamini Ramachandran, CPA Magazine Singapore, March 2012


Storytelling in Singapore – Mentoring the Storytelling Revival

By Sheila Wee, Storytelling Magazine (USA), January/February 2008


Storytelling and I

By Verena Tay, Writing The City, 2011


Max Webber Library in Blacktown, NSW

One of the best things about being a storyteller is the friendship and camaraderie you find among people who share a common passion.  Rosemarie Somaiah was visiting Sydney in June 2011, when Kiran Shah persuaded her to visit Blacktown Library in New South Wales, Australia. This article speaks of her experience there.