Storytelling Performance by David Heathfield 1 October 2020 via Zoom Video Conference


The STage is SEt!

David Heathfield quotes, ” ‘A Breath of Fresh Air – stories to get us through’ began on 16 March as the Covid 19 pandemic situation in the UK was becoming alarming. I decided to record a series of uplifting short folk tales when I was out and about with my wife Tammy near my home in Exeter or out in my back garden. Many are stories I’ve been told by people I’ve met from around the world and some of these were shared with me during the pandemic. All of them carry wisdom. The response to these stories on Facebook and on YouTube kept me going, so I decided to carry on until there were 100 stories on my A Breath of Fresh Air YouTube playlist – after all it’s the number of tales told in The Decameron, also set against the backdrop of a pandemic. So join me for a quick trip around the world telling a small selection of ‘Stories to get us through’ which were shared with me by story lovers from all around the world!”

David Heathfield is a storyteller who tells tales and runs workshops and courses around the world, both in person and virtually. He also teaches English, writes about student creativity in language learning, is the author of Storytelling With Our Students: Techniques for telling tales from around the world and Spontaneous Speaking: Drama Activities for Confidence and Fluency (both from DELTA Publishing). To know more, please visit www.davidheathfield.co.uk