Live, Creative, Engaging, Intercultural Online Storytelling
16 October 2020 via Zoom Video Conference


The STage is SEt!

This is a 3 hour webinar by David Heathfield which offers you an immersive experience of Live, Creative, Engaging, Intercultural Online Storytelling. We will explore how we can celebrate cultural diversity by retelling stories that have been shared with us by people from different cultures. We will explore how we can engage our listeners emotionally and imaginatively through playful and effective use of the webcam, through imaginative use of the interactive chat and through creative response activities adapted to online storytelling and learning. We will also try out techniques for developing the confidence and competence of people participating in our online storytelling workshops as they develop as online storytellers too. Storytelling humanizes the online experience in these challenging times of pandemic and change.

The webinar will include examples of two kinds of online storytelling:

1. Tales from the world

2. Personal stories

David Heathfield is a storyteller

David Heathfield is a storyteller who tells tales and runs workshops and courses around the world, both in person and virtually. He also teaches English, writes about student creativity in language learning, is the author of Storytelling With Our Students: Techniques for telling tales from around the world and Spontaneous Speaking: Drama Activities for Confidence and Fluency (both from DELTA Publishing).