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The list of storytellers below are all Professional Members of the Association and as such are expected to meet our Code of Good Storytelling Practice. They are available for professional engagements.


Please direct all your commercial enquiries on storyteller’s availabilities, pricing and services to the individual storyteller/s of your choice. The Association does not recommend storytellers or price rates. The Association does not provide any event coordination services or act as agent between clients and storytellers. The Association is not required to respond to enquiries relating to engagement of storyteller’s services. Please liaise directly with the storyteller/s listed below by clicking on the names for more details.

“Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.”

- Dr. Howard Gardner, Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. -

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There are a growing number of professional storytellers working in Singapore. The ones listed below are all Professional Members of the Association and as such are expected to meet our Code of Good Storytelling Practice. They are available for professional engagements. Please click on the names below for more details and liaise directly with the respective storyteller.

Juriah Atan
Kiran Shah
Louisa G H Ong 
Dolly Leow
Jessie Goh
Karen Lee
Sheila Wee
Mabel Lee
Wong Swee Yean
Kamini Ramachandran
Panna Kantilal
Rosemarie Somaiah
Helen Tan
Nandini Nagpal


How to Organise a Successful Storytelling Session

A good storytelling session depends on three things:

  • The story;
  • The teller;
  • The audience.

To help the storyteller decide on the type of stories, please let him/her know the following:

  • The age range of your audience;
  • The objectives/themes you have in mind for the event;
  • The duration of the storytelling session.

Please discuss where in your programme you plan to have the storytelling. Your storyteller can advise you when is most appropriate.

Because storytelling is an intimate experience, please let the storyteller know the size of your audience. Audiences larger than 50 people usually require a more theatrical presentation. If amplification is required, please agree on the kind of microphone you will provide. Please note:

  • Wireless headsets allow the most freedom, but are more obvious.
  • Clip-on (lavelier) mics are discreet, but need a high-neck shirt/blouse to attach to.
  • Hand-held mics are a problem if the teller is using props/puppets.
  • Mics mounted on stands can hide or restrict the teller’s movement.

With regards to the audience,

  • Seat them as close to your teller as you can;
  • Make sure they are quiet and attentive before the teller starts;
  • Do not provide distractions (e.g. food, balloons, noisemaking devices).

With regards to recording of the storytelling session, please note:

  • Unless permission is granted by the storyteller, audio or video recording any or all of their stories in their entirety is not allowed.


Code of Good Storytelling Practice

The Professional storytellers of SAS strive to :

  • Tell appropriate stories in a manner and language suited to the audience & occasion;
  • Engage our audience;
  • Dress appropriately;
  • Arrive in adequate time prior to the performance;
  • Acknowledge our sources, wherever possible.