Cassandra Wye

For over 20 years, Cassandra has travelled the world telling stories from Barbados to Borneo, from temples to train stations, from the heart of the rainforest to the roof of the world.

Fizzing with exuberance, energy and enthusiasm, her love of stories and storytelling knows no boundaries. She swoops audiences of all ages off on unforgettable adventures wherever she goes – at community celebrations and on the streets with audiences of 1000’s.

Cassandra has worked with international organisations such as British Council, with government organisations including Ministries of Education in Hong Kong and Malaysia, NGO’s such as PADETC in Laos, arts agencies including National Arts Councils of England and Singapore and local organisations that promote education across the globe.

She is a passionate and eloquent exponent of the belief that storytelling should be for everyone and has pioneered ground-breaking community storytelling projects in UK, Singapore, Nepal and Malaysia to increase access to education for disabled people, refugees, street children and children in care.

Cassandra tours Asia every year and is a frequent visitor to Singapore.


Cassandra can offer:


  • Performances and workshops for Singaporean primary and secondary schools
  • Specialist storytelling programmes for special schools
  • Specialist programmes for kindergarten, nursery and pre-schools
  • Storytelling programmes created specifically for International, British, French, Hong Kong, Malaysian, Australian and Canadian curriculum
  • Storytelling training for student and experienced educators
  • Arts in education training for emerging storytellers and artists
  • Storytelling programmes for families and community organisations
  • Site specific performances for museums, art galleries, festivals and outdoor events


“Her impish enthusiasm is infectious” South China Morning Post Hong Kong

“An incredible skill in engaging the children’s imagination – teaching with a tremendous sense of fun” Festival Coordinator Barbados

To contact Cassandra:

Tel: 44 797 107 7774