DollyLeow-BookATellerDolly grew up listening to both her mother and grandmother telling stories of their youth, their childhood and Chinese folktales. In this fashion, Dolly’s love for stories began, and her passion for stories grew in its intensity as the years went by. Her mother’s and grandmother’ stories were a treasure trove to Dolly, and she found herself passing them on to her two daughters, as well as to her students. The stories fascinated all those who listened to them. Thus, Dolly the storyteller was born.

Dolly is a professional storyteller and also a founding member of the Storytelling Association (Singapore). Whilst she enjoys telling stories to people of all ages, she has a particular passion for telling stories to children. Her versatility in being able to tell stories in Chinese dialects, such as Cantonese and Mandarin, has endeared her to many older folk. She had been involved with IGH Spore in their initiative to introduce local Peranakan flavours and culture to overseas congress participants. Dolly has also told stories for The Business Times and the China Society, as well as the InterContinental Hotel group.

Her training in drama has assisted her greatly to conduct many workshops in schools. Apart from possessing extensive experience working within educational settings, Dolly has also told stories to many individuals in a variety of settings and events, including the Singapore International Storytelling Festival, within museums, shopping centres, bookstores, churches and on television and the radio.

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