Jumaini’s love for stories and storytelling blossomed since she was a child. It grew and became a teaching asset when she became an educator for preschoolers and students with special needs. Jumaini pursued her love for the literary arts and became a published author in 2013. The experience paved way for Jumaini to pursue storytelling professionally.

Jumaini performs as ‘Nek Selampit’ the Folktale Storyteller; a unique, highly energetic character who is witty and filled with kampung charm. Effectively bilingual in English and Malay, Jumaini enjoys performing Asian folktales, fables and legends for audiences of all ages. She has performed in numerous national language and cultural campaigns as well as local and international storytelling festivals. Jumaini has performed as Gardens by the Bay, The Arts House, Singapore Zoo, Sentosa, museums, art galleries and many more.

Through Storyscribblers; Jumaini’s literary-arts based company, she conducts storytelling skills training workshops for educators which are accredited by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). She also holds a Foundation Certificate in Speech and Drama from Julia Gabriel and a Specialist Diploma in Arts Education.

In 2017, Jumaini became the first storyteller to be recognized for her efforts in reviving the Malay language through storytelling and was appointed Malay Language Ambassador of Singapore by the Malay Language Council (Singapore). Since then, she works with various institutions to pique the interest of students in Malay through the art of storytelling.

In 2020, Jumaini was been commissioned by Yayasan MENDAKI to produce a series of 12 storytelling videos for the Raikan Ilmu/ Celebrate Knowledge Month. Each original story was crafted to promote resilience and cohesiveness in the wake of Covid-19 outbreak in Singapore.


Jumaini is able to provide:

1. Live & Online Storytelling performances/ programmes for:

– preschool centers (all levels), primary/ secondary school and association.

2. Storytelling training for:

– pre-school, primary and secondary students

– preschool, primary school educators and interest individuals

3. Curated storytelling performances / programmes/ videos based on based on themes provided by organizer.


Jumaini can be reached via:

Email: ju@storyscribblers.com.sg

I.G: the_nekselampits

FB: https://www.facebook.com/storyscribblers.SG