Karen_04_croppedKaren has spent 20 years in the education field teaching mainstream primary and secondary school students and students with learning difficulties. When she became a Learning Support Specialist in 2004, she found storytelling an effective way to engage and work with children with special learning needs and children from disadvantaged backgrounds. She uses stories to teach reading and writing skills and to impart social skills and build character. She also holds a Julia Gabriel Foundation Teaching Certificate in Speech and Drama.

Karen tells stories at various venues and conducts storytelling workshops for students in both primary and secondary schools. Regardless of the venue, be it outdoors like the Zoo and Botanic Gardens or indoors such as child care centres, shopping malls and libraries, Karen is able to enthral her audiences. Karen has trained adult volunteers for various reading programmes, customising her workshops to suit the needs of its participants.

A passionate storyteller, Karen loves to regale her two young daughters with stories before bedtime, a special bonding time that they all cherish.


Karen is available for:

  • Storytelling performances for preschool and primary school children.
  • Workshops for teaching storytelling skills to children and teachers.
  • Workshop for teaching adults to read to their children

Karen can be contacted via: karenerleelm@gmail.com