Kiran 2 Sept 30

Panna, a Professional and Founding member of the Storytelling Association of Singapore started her storytelling journey more than 19 years ago.

A former librarian who worked with the National Library Board for over 20 years, Panna has extensive working knowledge and experience in developing public library collections. She was chiefly responsible and the go-to person for children’s and young adult content in the national network of public libraries. She regularly told stories to children at the Tampines Regional Library storytelling sessions.

Panna enjoys telling stories to adults and children having performed at various events such as Singapore International Storytelling Festival, Australian National Storytelling Confest, Children’s Stoytelling Festival in Jakarta, Born to Read Fiesta, Asian Children’s Festival, International Storytelling Storyfest, 398.2 Storytelling Festival. She has told stories in shopping malls, on MRT trains, on radio, at charity fund-raisers and in parks.

She has presented at the International Board of Books for Young People Conference, Asian Festival of Children’s Content, Kids Read Symposium, MCYS Childcare Seminar.

Panna delights in weaving songs into her stories. She is drawn to stories about change and transformation, environmental awareness and tales that offer hope.

Panna can be contacted via: