Rosemarie Somaiah runs Asian Storytelling Network, Singapore’s first storytelling company.  Since 2000 she has performed in schools, theatres, and museums across Singapore and at festivals such as the Singapore Writers Festival, the Asian Festival of Children’s Content and the Singapore International Storytelling Festival.

She has also showcased her work in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Korea, South Africa, Thailand and the United Kingdom. She has presented performances, workshops and papers at The Third Thailand International Storytelling Festival, the Sydney International Storytelling Conference, the 1st IBBY Asia-Oceania Regional Congress in Bali, the International Workshop on the Story Heritages of Asia and ‘Paju Book Sori’ in South Korea, ‘Bookaroo’ in India, ‘Spotlight Singapore’ in South Africa, the Man Hong Kong Literary Festival and the Scottish International Storytelling Festival.  

Rosemarie’s writing for adults has been published by Math Paper Press in Balik Kampung (2012), Coast – a mono-titular anthology (2011) and Ceriph, Issue 2 – Housing Singaporean thoughts (2010). Her books include The Never Mind Girl and other stories published by Ethos Books (2012), Indian Children’s Favourite Stories by international publishers, Tuttle Publishing (2006), A Giving Heart (2007), Colours of Love (2006) and Colours of Harmony (2005) published by the Inter-Religious Harmony Circle as well as Gateway to Singapore Culture by Asiapac Books (2004) and a comic book for the Singapore History Museum (2002).

Rosemarie has led The Storytellers’ Circle of The Society for Reading and Literacy (SRL) for more than ten years. She is a member of the Singapore Drama Educators Association (SDEA), a founding member of the Storytelling Association (Singapore) and a steering committee member of the National Library Board’s ‘READ! Singapore’. She has been a National Arts Council Writer-in-School in 2014.

In her work with Asian Storytelling Network she offers:

  • Storytelling performances and workshops for students of all ages;
  • Talks and workshops for parents and librarians;
  • Workshops for teachers on storytelling in the classroom context;
  • Workshops for corporate managers and leaders on the use of storytelling in organisations;
  • Customised performances and workshops for adults and community organisations.


How to Contact Rosemarie:

Tel: (65) 63522009

Email: /