Kiran 2 Sept 30

Sue Macmillan is a professional storyteller and facilitator, working with a wide range of stories, from ancient myth to personal narratives. She lives in the UK but is a frequent visitor to Singapore where her daughter, son in law and grandson now live. She trained at the The International School of Storytelling UK under renowned storytellers Roi D’Or and Ashley Ramsden, gaining the skills to craft and perform as a storyteller and then honed these skills working with Shonaleigh and Ben Haggarty. She now runs a story circle for adults in the UK and has told in Cathedrals, Theatres, Arts Centres, at weddings and birthday parties as well as in her capacity as a facilitator and coach. Last year she toured a show that was co written with her colleague about the Eleanor of Castile the wife to Edward 1st of England and she is currently working on a one woman show boy Cerci and Selene from Greek mythology.


Contact information:
Phone +447711417653