Past Special Events


Listed below are significant events organised/supported by the Association, or in which Association members took part.

“A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing.”

- George Lucas -



398.2 Storytelling Festival
6 – 27 November 2021 Virtual and Face-to-Face

The Red Thread Of Love: Storytelling event for Adults (Face to face)

27 Nov 2021 at Blue Room, 6001 Beach Rd, #05-00 Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589.

The Red Thread Of Love: Storytelling event for Adults (Virtual)

27 Nov 2021 via Zoom Video Conference

Storytime Saturday

Monthly via Zoom Video Conference



A Talk On The Role Of Women in Mythology


By Utkarsh Patel
6 November 2020 via Zoom Video Conference



By Noa Baum
29 May 2020 via Zoom Video Conference



By David Heathfield
1 October 2020 via Zoom Video Conference



Mentorship Programme 2018 & 2019

2018 mentees and Mentors at the ‘Into The Heart of Story’ workshop on Oct 4th 2018

The 2018 mentees (Swapna Mirashi, Shalni Doshi, Anamika Bhati, Lily Goh, Alice Bianchi Clark & Mindy Neo) at ‘Getting Ready As A Group’ workshop on Nov. 1st 2018

The 2019 Mentees (Svetlana Sdobnikova, Nelly Navarro, Deborah Nightingale, Akila Krishnakuma, Tan Teck Mooi, Chtra Chua) at ‘Final Preparation’ Workshop with Rosemarie Somaiah on November 15th 2019.



A Magical World Of Stories (15 July 2018)


A Performance and Workshop by SAS Members in collaboration with S’pore Performing Arts Festival
Sun, 15 July 2018 3-5:45pm at TCM Recital Studio.



SAS 10th Anniversary Dinner (18 May 2016)


SAS celebrated it’s tenth year by having a celebration dinner on 18 May 2016 at Food for Thought at the National Museum of Singapore. The 11 Founding Members were invited, as were key sponsors and partners over the years.  Mabel Lee was the master of ceremonies, and five of the Presidents (except for Founding President Kiran Shah who sent her regrets) told stories. Helen Tan was the chair of the organising committee, whose members included Karen Lee, Wong Swee Yean, Tan Joo Hymn, Kamini Ramachandran and Kala Sundaram.

The Ties That Bind Us – How far would you go for love? (23 April 2016)


SAS organised the first ever performance by Associate Members on Saturday 23 April 2016 at 8pm at Training Room 1, Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO), 96 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187967.

Four Associate Members were part of the performance for an adult audience, namely, Dawn Lau, Nandini Nagpal, Louisa Ong and Ana Sousa Gavin. Tickets at $8 were sold out.



Town Hall Meeting (21 August 2015)


Organised by President Tan Joo Hymn, the Town Hall Meeting was a half-day event attended by 13 Professional Members and 1 Voting Associate Member to take stock of where SAS was, and the direction it should go. Members were given the chance to give their feedback before and during the Meeting.



Singapore International Storytelling Festival (1–9 September 2014)


SAS proudly supported this festival organised by the National Book Development Council of Singapore with Artistic Direction by Kamini Ramachandran, SAS Vice-President.

SAS participated in the Festival Fringe with a storytelling performance for family audiences entitled, Eyes Ears Mouth Nose: Exciting Stories for the Family, on 23 August 2014, at the Screening Room, The Arts House. Performers included Professional Members Nancy Leppard, Mabel Lee, Helen Tan, Verena Tay, Karen Lee, Juriah Atan and Tan Joo Hymn.

1st SAS Self-Reflecting Retreat (31 July 2014)


Verena Tay, SAS President, organised this day-long retreat for 12 Professional and 1 Voting Associate Members at Village Hotel Changi to reflect upon on individual paths and aspirations as storytellers, plus set new directions for SAS as a whole.


Some follow-up initiatives include the establishment of a mentor scheme (October 2014 to December 2015) within SAS in which senior Professional Members mentor junior Professional Members and selected Associate Members, increased subscription to the Book-A-Teller option within the SAS website, and the creation of focus groups on specific subjects relating to storytelling.


Canadian High Commission Networking Event (28 April 2014)


The Canadian High Commission invited SAS members to a networking event on 28 April. Inuit storyteller Michael Kusugak was the speaker who shared many interesting anecdotes about life in the arctic north. Approximately 11 members attended.



Singapore Writers Festival Fringe: Once Upon a Time in Singapore (3 November 2013)


All SAS Executive Committee members were involved in reading aloud the finalists’ stories for The Arts House’s Once Upon a Time in Singapore story writing competition in which competitors had to write localised versions of folk and fairy tales.

Singapore International Storytelling Festival (2–8 September 2013)


SAS proudly supported this festival organised by the National Book Development Council of Singapore with Artistic Direction by Kamini Ramachandran, SAS Vice-President.


SAS worked with the Festival to offer on 6 September 2013, Asian Stories, a special performance that honoured and celebrated the rich oral heritage of Asia. Performers included Professional Members David Bok, Kamini Ramachandran, Kiran Shah, Rosemarie Somaiah, Sheila Wee, Tan Joo Hymn and Verena Tay.

Serangoon Senior Citizens Executive Committee: Dumpling Festival (8 June 2013)

Professional Member Dolly Leow told stories in Mandarin at this festival.


Performance at a Conference of International Baccalaureate Teachers (18 January 2013)

Mabel Lee, Rosemarie Somaiah and Tan Joo Hymn represented SAS in telling stories at this event.



Tactile Tales (14 November 2012)


SAS sponsored three storytelling sessions that Cassandra Wye performed for the Adult Day Centre of the Spastics Children Association at a hugely discounted rate of $100 per session in return for one SAS member to be able to attend each session to experience a unique style of storytelling for adults and children with profound needs. The three SAS members who attended the sessions were Sheila Wee, Kala Sundaram and Corina Tenakoon.

Singapore International Storytelling Festival (1–5 September 2012)


SAS proudly supported this festival organised by the National Book Development Council of Singapore with Artistic Direction by Kamini Ramachandran, SAS Vice-President.


SAS worked with the Festival to offer on 1 & 2 September 2012 two special lunchtime performances entitled Asian Stories that honoured and celebrated the rich oral heritage of Asia. Stories from China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Borneo were brought to life by Professional Members such as Kamini Ramachandran, Sheila Wee, Verena Tay, Kiran Shah, Jessie Goh, Helen Tan, David Bok, Tan Joo Hymn, Dolly Leow, Mabel Lee and Thong Geok Lee.



Fundraising (22 July 2011)


During the SAS Social on 22 July 2011, $336 was collected and donated to the Singapore Red Cross for the Japan Relief Fund in the aftermath of the earthquake and resulting tsunami of 11 March 2011.

Scottish Exchange Project (2009-2010)


The Association embarked on a 2-year storytelling exchange project with The Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. The SAS hosted two Scottish storytellers in Singapore in 2009, organizing public performances, workshops, a master class, participation in the Singapore International Storytelling Festival 2009 and school engagements. The Exchange culminated in 2010 with Kamini Ramachandran’s participation in the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2010. Below are details of the main events under the Scottish Exchange Project.


SPI Parapsychology Seminar: Friday 13th Part II: Third Eye, Second Sight, or Imagination?


Special guest speaker: Seoras MacPherson (Paranormal specialist, storyteller, author of books about Celtic Highland myths and legends)

13 November 2009, The Guinness Theatre, The Substation


‘The Last of the Heather Ale: An Evening of Scottish Stories and Songs’ with Seoras Macpherson
(Suitable For Ages 12 And Up)


8 November 2009, The Vault, Intercontinental Hotel, Bugis


‘Maidens, Mayhem and Murder! An Evening Of Scottish Stories & Songs’ With Ruth Kirkpatrick
(Suitable For Ages 16 And Above)


4 September 2009, The Vault, Intercontinental Hotel, Bugis

Click HERE to view programme.


Master Class 2009: ‘The Listening Storyteller: Learning to Listen to Your Audience and Yourself’ by Ruth Kirkpatrick


5 September 2009, Little Arts Academy, PoMo, Selegie Road

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2010


Kamini Ramachandran was invited to participate in this Festival (22 to 31 October 2010) as part of the culmination of the 2-year Scottish Storytelling Exchange Project between the Storytelling Association (Singapore) and The Scottish Storytelling Centre (Edinburgh).



Story Saloon (September 2009 to March 2010)


Story Saloon was a storytelling competition organized by The Arts House and the National Book Development Council of Singapore as an event of the Singapore International Storytelling Festival 2009. SAS was a supporter of this event.

Many SAS members participated in the various competition rounds:

  • Nancy Leppard: winner of the October 2009 round
  • Ng Cheng Chuan: November 2009 participant
  • David Bok: winner of the December 2009 round
  • Thong Geok Lee: winner of the January 2010 round
  • Kordial Kor: February 2010 participant

The ultimate winner of the Grand Finals on 23 March 2010 was our very own Thong Geok Lee.



Tales on Trains (1 December 2009)


Seven SAS Associate Members told stories inside a moving train as part of the annual community outreach event organised by SMRT. This event marked the third year of collaboration between SAS and SMRT.

Click HERE to view an article about the event.


Australian National Storytelling Gathering of Storytellers (24–26 July 2009)


Kirah Shah, Pro-tem President of SAS (2006), represented SAS at this gathering.


Silver and Gold: Precious Stories To Inspire Young And Old! (23 May 2009, evening)


SAS put up this ticketed storytelling performance aimed at family audiences to encourage inter-generational bonding amongst family members and friends of all ages. Performers included Helen Tan, Jessie Goh, Sheila Wee, Rosemarie Somaiah, Kiran Shah, Juriah Atan, and Dolly Leow. The venue was the Screening Room, The Arts House.

Click HERE to view programme.


SAS Community Day (23 May 2009, afternoon)


At The Arts House in a closed door event, SAS volunteers and staff of the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation came together with seniors and teens from various organisations and schools for an afternoon of storytelling performances, guided reminiscence activities (using ‘AHAH Memoritz’ cards, pictures of the past and various artefacts) and min storytelling workshops.

Women’s Stories: Storytelling for Adults (8 Mar 2009)


Professional Members Sheila Wee, Dolly Leow, Kamini Ramachandran, Rosemarie Somaiah, Verena Tay and Chuah Ai Lin performed stories about women and women’s issues on International Women’s Day at The Substation Theatre. A percentage of the takings went towards The Star Shelter run by the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations.

Click HERE to view programme.


OKTO Bites (2009)


OKTO approached Professional Member Rosemarie Somaiah to select storytellers to be videoed performing storytelling clips that were aired from April 2009 onwards as part of the OKTO Bites segments. SAS is grateful to the storytellers who gave of their time and effort and made it possible for SAS to benefit from the free publicity.

Beyond Storytelling 101 (2008-2010): Workshops & Showcases


The Beyond Storytelling 101 intermediate level course was originally designed by Professional Member Verena Tay for SAS Associate Members who wished to be trained in storytelling performance for adult audiences. TheBeyond Storytelling 101 courses conducted in 2008 and 2009 each culminated with a public storytelling performance by participants. These performances were followed by two alumni shows co-organised between MoonShadow Stories and SAS to further train alumni in production and performance skills.


Double Deals: Tales Of Friendship & Betrayal

(Beyond Storytelling 101 Alumni Show, a co-production by MoonShadow Stories & SAS)

2 & 3 July 2010, Classroom 2, The Substation

Featured Tellers: Kamini Ramachandran, Verena Tay

Guest Tellers: Karen Lee, Nancy Leppard, Ng Seng Chuan, Dee Palanisamy, Helen Tan, Thong Geok Lee

Click HERE to view programme.


Awakenings: Stories of Transformation & Redemption

(Beyond Storytelling 101 Alumni Show, a co-production by MoonShadow Stories & SAS)

9 & 10 April 2010, Classroom 2, The Substation

Featured Tellers: Kamini Ramachandran, Verena Tay

Special Guests: Juriah Atan, David Bok, Ignatius Ng, Kordial Kor, Kala Sundaram, Tan Joo Hymn

Click HERE to view programme.

Twists: Tales of Surprise and Suspense from Around the World


(Graduation show of the 2009 Beyond Storytelling 101 cohort)

23 & 24 October 2009, Classroom 2, The Substation

Storytellers: David Bok, Kordial Kor, Lim Peng Peng, Ignatius Ng, Ng Seng Chuan, Kala Sundaram, Tan Joo Hymn, Thong Geok Lee

Click HERE to view programme.


A Touch of Wisdom: Wise Tales from Around the World



(Graduation show of the 2008 Beyond Storytelling 101 cohort)

7 & 8 November 2008, Classroom 2, The Substation

Storytellers: Juriah Atan, Karen Lee, Nancy Leppard, Dee Palanisamy, Safiah Bte Rais, Helen Tan, Tan Joo Hymn

Click HERE to view programme.



Tales Of Hope And Spirit: From Mouth to Heart (29 November 2008)


SAS collaborated with U60 (an ad hoc group comprising from Maruah and The Online Citizen) to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. SAS conducted a free storytelling performance (Tales of Hope and Spirit: From Mouth to Heart) on 29 November 2008 at Classroom 2, The Substation. Verena Tay, Juriah Atan, Panna Kantilal, Tan Joo Hymn, Chuah Ai Lin, Dolly Leow and Sheila Wee (with Kamini Ramachandran as emcee) told stories to 43 audience members.

Meat Of The Tongue: Seductive Stories At Suppertime (23 August 2008)


SAS held a ticketed dinner-theatre storytelling show for adults featuring Chuah Ai Lin, Denise Bertrand and Kamini Ramachandran at The Hall, The Arts House.


Tales on Trains (19 June 2008)


Five SAS Ordinary and Associate Members told stories to 230 children on SMRT’s ‘Tales on Trains’ event from Ang Mo Kio MRT Station to Tiong Bahru MRT Station via Jurong East MRT Station. They were Juriah Atan, Ignatius Ng, Heather Reutens, Rosemarie Somaiah and Helen Tan.


Masak-Masak: A Potluck of Delectable Stories From Around the World (8 March 2008)


Masak-Masak: A Potluck of Delectable Stories from Around the World, storytelling for children and adults at The Lab, Republic Cultural Centre, Republic Polytechnic. The afternoon programme was a special charity event for 100 child beneficiaries of the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation and Mrs S.R. Nathan graced the event. The evening programme was open to the public, a total of 57 adults and 61 children. The storytellers were Chuah Ai Lin, Roger Jenkins, Kordial Kor, Mabel Lee, Nancy Leppard and Verena Tay.

The Living Room Radio Programme (February & March 2008)


Various SAS Ordinary Members told stories on radio at 938LIVE on Mondays, 10 to 11 am, in ‘The Living Room’ programme. The schedule of appearances was as follows: Roger Jenkins (11 & 18 February), Kamini Ramachandran (25 February), Verena Tay (3 March), Chuah Ai Lin (10 March), Sheila Wee (17 March), Dolly Leow (24 March), Rosemarie Somaiah (31 March).



Tales on Trains (7 September 2007)


SAS participated in SMRT/National Library Board’s Annual Tales on Trains event. Associate Members Jessie Goh and Dolly Leow as well as Ordinary Members Ignatius Ng and Jim Gan told stories to 280 children from Kembangan to Woodlands MRT Stations.


Storytelling at Labrador Park (2 June 2007)


Two SAS members told stories on behalf of National Parks.


In the Merry Month of May: A Celebration of Storytelling (1 May 2007)


44 adults and 46 children attended SAS’ second storytelling performance event for families at the Ngee Ann Auditorium, Asian Civilisations Museum Auditorium. The tellers involved were Denise Bertrand, Jessie Goh, Dolly Leow, Kamini Ramachandran, Nancy Leppard, Roger Jenkins, Panna Kantilal, Rosemarie Somaiah, Sheila Wee and Wong Swee Yean.

NUS Arts Festival 2007 (4, 11, 18 & 25 March 2007; 3.30–4 pm)


Storytelling for Kids, as part of the NUS Arts Festival 2007. Each Sunday, one Ordinary Member paired up with 1 Associate Member to tell stories.



Let’s Celebrate (14 May 2006)


On Mothers’ Day, SAS publicly launched itself with Let’s Celebrate, a two-hour performance for families, featuring stories told by the committee members. We filled all 182 seats in the Ngee Ann Auditorium, Asian Civilisations Museum.

Click HERE to view programme.