The SAS organises 3 to 4 Socials each year for Professional and Associate Members to gather, share stories and meet each other in a friendly and supportive environment. Socials are free of charge for all Professional and Associate Members. Guests pay $10. The Socials are normally for adults only, but we usually  organise one social for families per year

“Community is formed only by shared stories, not by monologues.  Empathic listening is followed, in time by reciprocal storytelling.  I know I have a place in the community not only as I hear and accept its stories but as it hears and makes room for mine.”

Daniel Taylor, author & Professor of English, Bethel Univ. -




Stories of Hope

11 Dec 2020 via Zoom Video Conference


Earth Tales

11 March 2020 via Zoom Video Conference


Stories For Children

9 April 2020 via Zoom Video Conference

Personal Storytelling

14 August 2020 via Zoom Video Conference


1st Social

Performance by Storytellers of the 2018 Mentorship Programme

Saturday 23 February 2019

2nd Social
Saturday, 30th March 2019

3rd Social
Saturday, 29th October 2019


1st Social

Theme: Rojak and Chap Chye

Saturday 3 February 2018  (After the AGM)

Details to be announced

2nd Social
Theme: Family Social  (This is a storytelling event specially for the families of SAS members).

Saturday 25 August  2018


1st Social

Theme: Cock and Bull Stories

11 February 2017  (After the AGM)

2nd Social

Theme: Something Old, Something New

1 July 2017

3rd Social

Theme: Family Social  (This was a storytelling event specially for the families of SAS members).

5 August  2017

4th Social

Theme: Winter Tales 

Friday 1 December



1st Social

Theme:  See no evil, hear no evil, speak…

20 February 2016  (After the AGM)


2nd  Social

Theme: The Big Fish

3 June 2016


3rd  Social

Theme: The Five Senses

14 October 2016

SAS Social June 2016. Playing a warm-up game before the story sharing session
Sharing a story using OH cards



1st Social

Theme: Don’t Get My Goat

28 February 2015 (after the AGM)


2nd Social

Theme: A Proper Prop Story Swop

22 May 2015


3rd Social

Theme: Festive Stories

13 November 2015



1st Social

Theme: Horsing Around with Galloping Tales

22 February 2014 (immediately after the 2014 AGM)


2nd Social

Theme: Symphony of Songs in Stories

27 June 2014


3rd Social

Theme: Stories: Mine, Yours, His, Hers and Theirs

14 November 2014


Story Behind the Storyteller

Sharing by Jo Henwood from Austalia

10 February 2014



Story Behind the Storyteller

Sharing by Cassandra Wye from the UK

23 November 2013

Cassandra Wye

1st Social

Theme: Fools For Love

23 February 2013 (immediately after the 2013 AGM)


2nd Social

Theme: Hop, Skip, Bounce: Stories That Move You

12 July 2013


3rd Social

Theme: Culture Vulture: Feasting on Food and Stories

8 November 2013



1st Social

Theme: Dragon Tales

11 February 2012 (immediately after the 2012 AGM)


2nd Social

Theme: Freedom Tales: Stories Let Loose

6 July 2012


3rd Social

Theme: Creation Tales:  Back to the Beginning

9 November 2012



1st Social

Theme: Finding The Key

19 February 2011 (immediately after the 2011 AGM)


2nd Social

Theme: All Things Japanese

(A collection was taken that was donated to the Red Cross for the victims of the Japanese earthquake.)

22 July 2011


3rd Social

Theme: Opening Pandora’s Box: Secrets Revealed

18 November 2011



1st Social

Theme: Tiger Tales

20 February 2010


2nd Social

Theme: Whatever!

18 June 2010


3rd Social

Theme: Quaint, Queer and Quirky!

19 November 2010



1st Social

Theme: Transformations: Changes in the Air

7 February 2009


2nd Social

Theme: Tales That Tickle: Laugh Out Loud!

31 July 2009


3rd Social

Theme: Storytelling Ceilidh with Special Guest, Seoras MacPherson

(For our last social of the year we went Scottish with a real Scottish ceilidh and a real Scottish seannachie.)

6 November 2009



1st Social

Theme: Stories of Love

22 February 2008


2nd Social

16 May 2008


3rd Social

Theme: An Evening of Sexy Stories

10 October 2008



1st Social

27 January 2007


2nd Social

13 April 2007


3rd Social

2 November 2007



1st Social & Story Swop

13 October 2006