Storytelling Association (Singapore)

Non-Resident Professional Membership Application

Non-Resident Professional Membership costs S$70 per calendar year,  valid from 1 January to 31 December. All membership will expire on 31 December no matter when you join..

Non-Resident Professional Membership is for professional storytellers not residing in Singapore.

To be eligible for either type of membership, you must have told stories professionally to public audiences for a minimum of 2 years (as opposed to using storytelling as a tool in the course of one’s work) and be aged 21 and above. You should have the experience of paid performances and the ability to handle many different types of audiences (both children and adults), audiences sizes and venues. 

Please Note: Using stories as a part of your work—e.g. as a teacher, librarian, counsellor, trainer—does not fall within the Association’s definition of ‘professional storyteller’. Because Non-Resident Professional Membership of the Association endorses the teller as a professional, approval of an application is not automatic. The Executive Committee is authorised to interview and make a performance-based assessment of all applicants. This assessment may be waived at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Rights and Privileges

A Professional Member who is above 21 years of age has the right to vote and to hold office in the Association. A Non-Resident Professional Member cannot vote or hold office, but is otherwise entitled to the same privileges as a Professional Member.

Definition of Non-Residency

•     The applicant has lived and/or worked in Singapore for less than 183 days of the preceding year (January 1 – December 31).

•     The applicant is NOT considered a tax resident by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.

•     The applicant has lived/or worked in Singapore for less than 183 days prior to the time of making the declaration, and DOES NOT have a valid immigration document that allows him/her to continue living and working in Singapore for at least another year from the time of application.

•     Professional Members (Non-Resident) shall notify the Executive Committee of any changes in their residency status, in writing and within 30 days of such change occurring. Upon such change, the member shall, with immediate effect, if Resident, become a Non-Resident Professional Member

(Conversely, a Non-Resident Professional Member may become a Resident Professional Member).  There shall be no refund of membership fees paid to the Association. There shall be no administrative fee levied for the membership category re-assignment. The Executive Committee may revoke the membership of the Association, or take any other appropriate action against a member, if any of the above declarations are untrue.


Professional Members and Non-Resident Professional Members enjoy the same benefits as Associate Members. In addition, they have the opportunity to have a one-page listing on the Association website (at extra cost), networking possibilities with other professional tellers in Singapore and from overseas, as well as priority registration and discounted rates for master classes conducted by visiting professional tellers.


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 At home In my work To my friends In libraries In my classroom To children To teens To adults I declare that I am a Non-Resident of Singapore

 Associate Membership Voting Associate Membership Professional Membership & Non-Residential Professional Membership.

Please provide a detailed CV of your storytelling experience that lists the following :

  • organisations or venues where you have told stories
  • the kinds of audience you were telling to (e.g. pre-primary, teens, family, corporate)
  • the stories you told on these occasions (we expect tellers to have a repertoire of an absolute minimum of 20 stories)
  • dates of three forthcoming storytelling events at which committee members might attend in order to observe you storytelling

(either .doc, .docx or .pdf)

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 I confirm all details are accurate. I understand that by clicking the button below my application form will be submitted to the Executive Committee for evaluation